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With over 65 years experience in galvanizing treatments and supplying metal, INICON has integrated its acquired know-how embodying a single representative in the marketplace at an international level, able to offer high-quality products with respect to both reliability regarding pre-defined standards and service management of products.

We are specialised in a complete supply service, in working made-to-measure metal and other materials to produce finished and semi-finished furniture. Starting with the design, upon request, we take on all steps toward the finished product, suggesting the best and most practical choices with qualified partners.

INICON systematically targets the metal furniture market for homes, stores and the nautical and aviation industries, and also does prototyping for the mechanical, automotive and telecommunication industries. Where research is required, data recovery through 3D scanners and the development of such, prototyping, production, ennoblement of metal, or warehouse management of products; INICON is the experienced representative for you.

We can manage all project phases, providing complete service or consulting, according to the needs of every client, for any one of our services: initial evaluation, design, production and assembly.


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